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The Colour Cards

While participating in an author’s writing programme during 2010 where mentoring was given by author Neale Donald Walsh, Moira felt inspired to create the Oracle Cards for Colour Mirrors. The deck is made up of 44 cards and supported with a full colour mini booklet with each card’s message:

18 Colour Cards that offer a glimpse into the world of colour psychology

11 Angel Cards that are messages from your higher self, that aspect of you that feels heaven sent, pure, innocent and beautiful

9 Dragon Cards that act as your power animal, helping you stay grounded, focussed and remove resistance to change

6 Elemental Cards that helps you connect and nurture your physical and emotional well-being

Moira has created a FREE electronic reading experience for you with the 11 Angel cards, shuffle, click a card and read your message.

Each of the 44 Cards have a FREE 3 minute mini-meditation for deeper insights into what the colour can help you with.

Conducting a Card Reading

There are several ways that you can conduct a colour card reading. Below are two examples that will help you get started. However, colour is one of the most intuitive connections you can make for personal guidance and connecting to messages from the Law of Attraction, so always trust your own methods and feelings when working with the deck.

Ask a Question: Shuffle the deck and bring to your mind a question or a person that you would like guidance on. Fan out the card and select the one you feel drawn to. You can do this with the deck face up or face down. Study the card and feel how the words impact on your question. For further insights go to the website and listen to the free meditation.


Bring to mind a question and shuffle the deck and draw 3 cards.

Card 1: Represents insights into how the issue you are enquiring about impacted on your past and how it blocked you. This card also says that this is what you have learned and can now help others with.

Card 2: Shows how your situation is currently being experienced and the effect it is having on your reality.  This is also the card that will guide you to the colour or bottle that could help you shift the issue and move on.

Card 3: This is the potential outcome once you let go of the block, what will it feel or look like to be free of the issue.  Remember there are universal principles behind these cards, often the message of what needs to be cleared will be judgements, guilt, and an inability to love yourself or claim your personal power related to the issue.