Who would you be if you knew your colours?


Colour Mirrors Numerology, Colour & Planets

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2-Day Program from 10am to 5pm
What you study
  • How to calculate your date of birth and read your Soul Colours
  • The links between colours, planets and numbers
  • How to calculate your personal or business name and see it in colour frequencies
  • What is your Year Number and Colour
  • Family Tree Dynamics - very powerful life changing process discovering your family group soul purpose
  • Your 5th Dimensional Colours
You qualify to offer your clients
  • If you are a Colour Mirrors Practitioner, you can use your bottle set to offer a variety of numerology readings
  • If you are not a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and therefore do to have the licence to distribute bottles, perhaps doing this course to learn for yourself how colour and numerology works together or perhaps just to know more about your own journey - you can still offer colour and numerology readings to friends by using the manual and other colour resources shared on the course.