Who would you be if you knew your colours?


Colour Mirrors Practitioner

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Price: $3,000.00
plus tax of: $390.00
Final price: $3,390.00

cm courses5The course timing

7-Day Intensive Program from 9am to 6pm
What you study
  • 19 Colours psychological and analytical meanings
  • The colour mirrors system that comprises 87 dual coloured bottles and 42 spritzer essences past lives in colour
  • Higher consciousness learning of each colour
  • The spiritual principles derived from the Melchizedek teachings
  • The new chakra colours that include gold, silver, platinum and diamond that raise your body frequency from 3D to 5D
  • Chakra balancing techniques on how to raise your clients from the old denser colours of reds, yellows and greens to the new 5D frequencies
  • Learn 10 different types of colour readings you can offer clients using the Colour Mirrors bottles and star chart
You qualify to offer your clients
  • Chakra balancing sessions
  • Variety of empowering Colour Readings in person or on-line
  • Colour Healing
Course Fee CAD$ 3000 + tax
Start up Bottle Set: you need approximately 26 bottles of your choice to start working with colour analysis as a business
There are no hidden membership or annual fees
A small initial fee will be charged to register your biography and details onto the main website as a practitioner if you require that service