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Love & Money Boot Camp

When you have read self-help books, being mentored or attended prosperity courses, and you are still experiencing issues with love or money – Then it’s time for you to dig deeper and to do Soul level work!
Colour opens up your shadow side so that you can identify and release those pesky little devils that run you into cycles of loss based on patterns and beliefs that you may have inherited from your family gene pool. This program is your soul calling you to deep inner transformational work.
Are you ready to listen to your inner voice?


Which Devil?

Identify and transform the devil that is mostly responsible for your money worries.

What Fears?

Whether it is fear of failure, fear of success, fear of overwhelm – identify your biggest block to financial freedom.

Resistance & Procrastination

Why do you not take action? What is the real reason behind your delaying tactics and how to eliminate them forever

Boot Camp Experience!!

  • You will see yourself from a different perspective, through the lens of colour everything changes!

  • You may be shocked or surprised, but you will not go home with the same apathy, judgements or fear!


This course has changed my understanding of money and abundance. My greatest learning on this course was discovering HOW I have created the majority of my debt unnecessarily by needing to control and fix things financially with yet more credit. I now know that I need to let go and allow the universe to work its magic. I live ‘just say yes and show up’.

Susan McKenzie, Burlington, Canada