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Love and Money Bootcamp

Location: Toronto | Date: 21/06/2017

Learn how to get rid of your poverty mind set and not repeat your patterns of being betrayed or cycles of loss in your business.

Even if you are doing OK, chances are that you will repeat your patterns again – change your financial foundations permanently at your very core.

Find out how to open up to receiving more love and more income effortlessly.

Which Debt Devil?

Identify and transform the debt devil that is mostly responsible for your money worries.

What Fears?

Whether it is fear of failure, fear of success, fear of overwhelm – identify your biggest block to financial freedom.

Resistance & Procrastination

Why do you not take action? What is the real reason behind your delaying tactics and how to eliminate them forever

Boot Camp Experience!!!

  • You will see yourself from a different perspective, through the lens of colour everything changes!
  • You may be shocked or surprised, but you will not go home with the same apathy, judgements or fear!

Discover why Color Analysis works

On this event you will choose your colours, the colours that identify your issues and the colours that will propel you towards success. You will participate in colour exercises that will bring to the surface from your deeply buried unconscious mind your beliefs and patterns that have created chaos with your love and money.

​Once you are aware of them, they lose the power to disrupt your life and you are free to explore success in your business and personal life.


If you sign up for the 1-1 Mentoring Program, the fee of this event will be deducted from your Mentoring Package.


Receive a video series on your ‘Soul Colours’. These personal colours will help you market your business and aid with branding colours.


Buy your Colour Bottles for a special discount and join a closed group on Facebook where you receive bonus free colour and business support.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Susan McKenzieBurlington, Canada

This course has changed my understanding of money and abundance. My greatest learning on this course was discovering HOW I have created the majority of my debt unnecessarily by needing to control and fix things financially with yet more credit. I now know that I need to let go and allow the universe to work its magic. I live ‘just say yes and show up’.



Experience the Ultimate Color Bootcamp

All your life you have been drawn to certain colors, you even have your favurite ones marked. You are drawn towards them - you choose your car, your shirt, your wall paint based on the color you are drawn towards.

Ever wondered if the colors can affect you and your business?

Yes, they can. In this workshop you will discover this fascinating world of colors. Come and join other business leaders, moms, dads and professionals like yourself.