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Here you have a range of products to choose your colours

These products are carefully designed to empower you to change your life for the better; my clients have used these products and have seen immediate results that included; improved relationships, business success and financial recovery. Mostly what happens is you change the way you respond or react to situations unfolding in your life, finding you are calmer and able to see the challenges from a different perspective, resulting in less drama, stress and anger, and more peace and fulfilment.

Essences and Oils

The ingredients in the Colour Mirrors bottles are all natural products: Purified Water, Essential Oil and Vegetable Food Colouring. The bottles are energised by Melissie Jolly, the founder of the system. A spiritual intention has been prayed into the water and oil to speak the language of your soul. These bottles will communicate with you information you have been looking for about yourself, they will answer your questions around what has been blocking you, they will remind you of your purpose and your potential. Once you identify a colour bottle that works for you, we can recommend several methods to connect with them and use as self-help therapy.

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The 8 Colours of Prosperity

Activating the Law of Attraction with Colour Frequencies

How to get out of debt without working harder. Instead become self aware by using colour analysis and therapy alongside: the law of attraction, stopping poverty habits, learning prosperity habits and learning which devils are in charge of your finances and relationships.

  • The Metaphysics of Business Success

  • The relationship between the Law of Attraction and Colour

  • How to Attract more of what you Want!

  • Real life Colour Case Studies

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Learn how to get rid of your poverty mind set and not repeat your patterns of being betrayed or cycles of loss in your business. Even if you are doing OK, chances are that you will repeat your patterns again – fix the foundation now.

  • Overcome your fear of success

  • Elimitate procrastination

  • Change your limiting beliefs

  • Identify your most destructive Debt Devil

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1-1 Mentoring with Moira Bush

Money Mastery: Learn how to make your money work for you. You will identity your cycles of debt and learn how to master them.

Authentic You: Connect to a deeper aspect of yourself that will have you be more authentic, empowered and confident.

Stronger Foundations: Begin to lay down a solid Prosperity Foundation by practicing prosperity habits.

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Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards

A deck of 44 silver gilt cards and colour booklet. Each Card is supported by a free mini-meditation. Use for daily inspiration and to gain insights into the meaning of colours.

  • Pick a card for insights into current issues
  • Learn why you are attracted to certain colours
  • Find out what colours are really saying about your relationships
  • Receive messages from your angels and dragons!
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Twice a week I draw a Colour Mirrors Oracle Card and feature it on Facebook for people to read. I have translated the card messages into Danish and they are always spot-on with what is going on in my life at the time. They are fun and enlightening as well as easy to use.

Aurelia Florentina Rasmussen, Denmark

“I absolutely loved the book the 8 Colours of Prosperity.  Author Moira Bush, brought great new insight to a problem of poverty mindset that plagues many folks on the planet today.  As a business growth strategist and coach I see many business owners getting stuck in areas without ever realizing why.  I will definitely start to incorporate the colour analysis in my practice with my clients and I have already started to focus on my own potential blocks as well”.