Who would you be if you knew your colours?


Archangel Raphael

I am Raphael and my name means “God's healing”.
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I am Raphael and my name means “God's healing”. Come to me when you need healing for your body, mind or soul. I will help you heal your relationships and your heart. My gift to you is a heart that can love the world, a heart that can heal other hearts. Together we can hold a space that is so filled with love that everyone will be affected. I am the angel of the East and represent the element of Air and I will help you breathe. My colour is the deep green of the forest, a place of peace and contemplation. Be still and listen to me whispering through the trees. I will bring truth and understanding and with understanding, comes healing. I will not let you down. I bring trust and ease into all you do, with love.

"Twice a week I draw a Colour Mirrors Oracle Card and feature it on Facebook for people to read. I have translated the card messages into Danish and they are always spot-on with what is going on in my life at the time. They are fun and enlightening as well as easy to use."

Aurelia Florentina Rasmussen, Denmark

"I absolutely loved the book the 8 Colours of Prosperity. Author Moira Bush, brought great new insight to a problem of poverty mindset that plagues many folks on the planet today. As a business growth strategist and coach I see many business owners getting stuck in areas without ever realizing why. I will definitely start to incorporate the colour analysis in my practice with my clients and I have already started to focus on my own potential blocks as well"