Colour Mirrors Teacher Course

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Price: $3,000.00
plus tax of: $390.00
Final price: $3,390.00
cm courses4Open to Colour Mirrors Practitioners
The course timing
5-Day Program from 10am to 5pm
What you study
This program is essentially an initiation into a higher level of consciousness to prepare you to:
  • Hold the spiritual energy of a group and raise their frequency from fear to freedom
  • Learn how to present the higher consciousness teachings through the lens of colour to a group
  • How to hold your frequency while teaching so high that negative energy cannot pull you into judgments of what is unfolding in the class
You qualify to offer your clients
  • Colour Mirrors Practitioners on a 7-day Program or timing of your choice
  • Expansion through Colour 2-Day Introduction Program (for retreats)
  • Introduction courses that include new chakra colours, etc