Design Your Own Bottle

Many people like to request their own 'special' bottles to be made for them.  Examples of some essences we have made are Platinum Dragon, Gold Diamond Unicorn, Black Opal and Sea-Green.  Oils can be any combination of two colours you choose!

You may find there is a particular colour combination in the essential oils you would like, perhaps rose pink (top oil fraction) over pale mint green (bottom water fraction) or lilac over coral; or a bottle that is all one colour but not a shade already seen in the system.  There are many possibilities!

Please contact me to discuss whether your special bottle can be made.

These will be ordered in for you and can take up to 6 weeks.

The price for special bottles is $68 plus Tax plus postage.

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Design Your Own Bottle

More and more people are starting to request their own ...

Price: $68.00
plus tax of: $8.84
Final price: $76.84