Who would you be if you knew your colours?


Moira Bush home


"Moira scooped Colour Mirrors up with huge determination and vision and brought us into the 21st century. I have watched Moira go through the most intense initiations in the last 15 years and I do not know anyone who could have walked the path she did and survived it with such strength and determination and the ability to take it all on board and process it until we now have the beautiful solid shiny end product. Moira is a success story that takes my breath away. She has come out of it all as a powerful healer and teacher who can hold a space for anyone who is dealing with their ‘stuff’, because she took the most intense initiation herself. She can love a thing right no matter how dark it looks. Moira you are a star."

"Moira is an exceptional teacher and guide. Moira’s no-nonsense approach is refreshing because it’s honest and real and it prevents so much time wasting and procrastination. She draws on her life experiences and extensive knowledge and if you’re lucky enough to work with her, she will guide you back to yourself. But be warned, if you want to procrastinate, deny your issues, distract yourself, waste time and avoid taking action then don’t waste her time. Moira will not carry or rescue you but if you step up and draw on your courage, she will help you access all the strength, determination, and clarity to fulfil your potential – you will be so glad you did!"


Are you ready to find out what your colours are?


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