Who would you be if you knew your colours?


8 Colours of Prosperity

Activating the Law of Attraction with Colour Frequencies


How to get out of debt without working harder. Instead become self aware by using colour analysis and therapy alongside: the law of attraction, stopping poverty habits, learning prosperity habits and learning which devils are in charge of your finances and relationships.


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How can this book help you?

Each chapter explains how colours works with the simple steps of ABC

Hover over each chapter – listen to the meditation tract, explore the essences and oils.

As you read through each of the colour chapters, you may have experienced an ah-hah moment or resonated with a pattern of behaviour that you would like to change. To release a negative pattern or a poverty habit you can use the FREE colour relaxing meditations below to assist you and at the same time the colour visualisations will enhance your potential to create more prosperity.

To deepen your transformational experience, you can add the colour to your magnetic force field by purchasing the Colour Mirrors bottle you are drawn to and add capfuls to your bath over a period of 3 weeks, or a Colour Mirrors spritzer bottle to spray around your body.

Chapter 4 – Olive Recalibration

Olive attracts new beginnings and hope. De-clutter your spaces so they are free to attract more cash flow instead of dust bunnies! End your Envy Devil’s goal from wanting you to be in someone else’s shoes, you are unique!

Olive Recalibration

Listen to Olive Meditation

Buy Magician Bath Oil

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Chapter 3 – Gold Authentic Power

Gold transmutes ego power into authentic prosperity power. End the poverty habit of cash-grabbing and instead offer value based deals. Use Gold to alert you when your Saboteur Devil trips you up in business and relationships.

Gold Authentic Power

Listen to Gold Meditation

Buy I AM Bath Oil

Buy Gold Angel Spritzer

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Chapter 2 - Coral Sex and Toys

Coral breaks the ceiling of self-limiting beliefs and enhances your sensuality. Stop showing others your poverty habits during social and business meetings. Notice when the Prostitute Devil makes you loose faith.

Coral Sex and Toys

Listen to Coral Meditation

Buy Jupiter Bath Oil

Buy Coral Angel Spritzer

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Chapter 1 - Pink Boot Camps

Pink attracts both Love and Money. More self-love automatically attracts more money. Remove the poverty habit of not receiving help and activate stagnant cash flow. Stop the Victim Devil from taking your power.

Pink Boot Camps

Listen to Pink Meditation

Buy Venus Bath Oil

Buy Pink Angel Spritzer

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Chapter 8 – Diamond in your Heart

Practice the Universal Principles and achieve a higher standard of living. Act as a prosperity hero towards yourself first. Stop your Soldier Devil from going AWOL and missing the opportunity to serve and make a difference.

Diamond in your Heart

Listen to Diamond Meditation

Buy Unity Bath Oil

Buy Unicorn Spritzer

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Chapter 7 – Magenta Leadership

Change from a human DO-ing to a human BE-ing and become the master in your life. Magenta helps you bridge the old to the new. Keep an open mind always! Stop your Servant Devil from giving your services away for free.

Magenta Leadership

Listen to Magenta Meditation

Buy Higher Crown Bath Oil

Buy Metatron Spritzer

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Chapter 6 – Platinum Seekers

Platinum attracts Mentors who can help you fast-track your prosperity. Start practicing meditation to help you attract more of what you desire. Stop your Duty Devil from making you believe that you have no other options.

Platinum Seekers

Listen to Platinum Meditation

Buy OM Bath Oil

Buy Platinum Angel Spritzer

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Chapter 5 – Turquoise Dragons

Use Turquoise colours to help you speak and feel prosperous. End the poverty habit of negative and poor communication, read everything three times before sending! Tame your Child Devil’s angry dragon playmate.

Turquoise Dragons

Listen to Turquoise Meditation

Buy Neptune Bath Oil

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Moira Bush
The Colour Entrepreneur

About the Author

Introducing the Author

Born in South Africa my studies were in business, marketing and facilitation; specializing in developing training programs for entrepreneurs and community projects with a 98% start up success rate.

Colour Mirrors is a system of colour analysis that transformed the way I worked with women entrepreneurs and at the same time revolutionized my personal relationships.

It is my passion to help men and women who feel a calling to make a difference on the planet doing what they love. If you are a Thought Leader, a Change Maker, a Mentor or someone that wants to serve authentically and live an abundant life, allow colour to amplify and enhance your business and become a colourful entrepreneur!

I now live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada with my husband Paul Valade and together we share the philosophy and teachings of Colour Mirrors and a new revolutionary All-In- One supplement by the Certified Organic Company called NewGen.

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Moira Bush Book Launch Event
'8 Colours of Prosperity' Book Launch filmed by SDTV




Rachel Elnaugh co-founder of SourceTV and ex-Dragon’s Den panellist live streamed on Facebook her opinion of the book “8 Colours of Prosperity” by Moira Bush




There are so many “Law of Attraction” books out now, all saying the same thing really … but this book brings a new perspective which is refreshingly coupled with practical methods and backed up by many inspiring true-life stories.  I have always loved colours and when I set up my own business, I surrounded myself with many bright and beautiful colours. It is only now, after reading the 8 Colours of Prosperity, that I can see and understand how these colours have helped me in my business and in my life. As a coach, I am literally chomping at the bit with excitement as I can’t wait to help others through the lessons and teachings of this book.

It is a relief to see how you can approach an issue with money from a different angle, and how a colour frequency can bring more abundance into one’s life. This book is full of practical examples, some of them I have already applied and they helped me to feel serene and in charge of my finances. 8 Colours of Prosperity also helps me to better understand human behaviour around love and money. Happy to see that I already have a pink wallet!

Raluca Rusu, Mechanical Engineer, France

With over 50 color-related books in my personal collection, I didn’t think there was anything more to be said about color—until I read Moira Bush’s 8 Colours of Prosperity. I was well aware of Moira’s stellar contribution to the field of color from her passionate work with the Colour Mirrors system. But did the Universe really need another book about color? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” On the day I received 8 Colours of Prosperity, I happened to be working on my taxes. Needing a break, I reached for Moira’s book and was surprised to read in the Pink chapter: “In business it is common to hear the victim’s voice during that time of the year when the tax is due.” Could I ever relate! I followed Moira’s expert advice and took immediate Pink action, amazed at how quickly my victim devil was liberated. Along with the principles of the Law of Attraction, its pages are filled with sound color wisdom that you can apply immediately. This book will help you appreciate the gift of color and discard the fears that are preventing you from enjoying a successful business!

This book is a powerful catalyst for change in anyone’s life. It’s filled with Moira’s penetrating wisdom that challenge’s the reader to breakthrough what’s holding them back and take their life to the next level. I have personally experienced major transformation in my own life from following the guidance Moira sets out in her new book 8 Colours of Prosperity.