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Shadow Cards

NEW!! Launching on 10 April 2022

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Colour Your Shadow Deck

This deck of 44 cards and booklet reveals your shadow’s most common patterns of behaviour through two specific lenses:  colours and gargoyles. Gargoyles depict some of your darkest thoughts and emotions, literally the graveyard of your unexpressed feelings. The colour of the card you draw offers you the frequency to use when you want to communicate with your shadow and you are willing to transform what it has hidden away from your conscious mind.

Use this deck to open up a dialogue between you and your shadow, get to know what your shadow needs, its personality traits, its hopes and fears. Paint all the darkest rooms in your psyche in the colours of the rainbow and bring your shadow into the light!

Purchase your FIRST EDITION DECK for $55


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Shadow Card Reading Course

It is recommended that you study the Moira Bush Academy’s video course on how to read this deck of cards, especially if you are going to offer them in your practice to clients.

There is a slightly different approach to working with shadow cards than for example reading Angel Oracle Cards. Working with your shadow through this deck is so powerful, that even drawing one card to answer one question can instantly create a change in how you view your current circumstances. Drawing a card or a spread can also result in waking up your shadow and triggering a process of denial, delaying tactics, snap judgments and fear of change.

When you choose to work with and study a shadow deck, you will be accelerating your self-awareness and expanding your consciousness. To sign up for this course, click on the link below to enrol as a student in the Moira Bush Academy. This course will go live on 10th April 2022 to coincide with the delivery of the first batch of cards.

Purchase your READING SHADOW CARDS course for  $197

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