Who would you be if you knew your colours?


The Colour Cards

While participating in an author’s writing programme during 2010 where mentoring was given by author Neale Donald Walsh, Moira felt inspired to create the Oracle Cards for Colour Mirrors. The deck is made up of 44 cards and supported with a full colour mini booklet with each card’s message:

18 Colour Cards that offer a glimpse into the world of colour psychology

11 Angel Cards that are messages from your higher self, that aspect of you that feels heaven sent, pure, innocent and beautiful

9 Dragon Cards that act as your power animal, helping you stay grounded, focussed and remove resistance to change

6 Elemental Cards that helps you connect and nurture your physical and emotional well-being

Moira has created a FREE electronic reading experience for you with the 11 Angel cards, shuffle, click a card and read your message.

Each of the 44 Cards have a FREE 3 minute mini-meditation for deeper insights into what the colour can help you with.

Colour Reading Course

It is recommended that you study the Moira Bush Academy’s video course on how to read this deck of cards, especially if you are going to offer them as professional readings in your practice.

Learn how to conduct 10 different types of readings using this unique deck. Discover what the differences are between reading Angel, Dragon, Elementals and Colour Psychology cards. This course comes with manuals and charts and a bonus free webinar explaining how to offer chakra readings. Click on the link below to be taken to the Academy where you can enrol as a student.

Card Reading Course $97

Example from Course: Family Dynamics Reading

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