Who would you be if you knew your colours?


Colour Mirrors

The South African Colour Mirrors system was founded by Melissie Jolly in 2001. Moira has been a business partner since 2003 and together with partners Korani Connolly and Melissie’s daughter Gillian Ball, they have mentored an international group of specialist Colour Entrepreneurs and Practitioners.

You can read more about Colour Mirrors on www.colourmirrors.com or join the Facebook Page to ask questions and read how others experience this system of transformation. Several books including, Colourworks, Language of Light, Colourful Boardrooms, Colour Conversations, A Book of Platinum Light, Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards, Systems Everywhere: Colours and Numbers Connections and What the Seeker Found have been written about the system and its philosophies, visit the website for details.

Message in a Bottle

Browse the colour bottles, either the dual coloured oils or the single colour spritzer essences and choose the one you feel mostly drawn to – then read the bottle’s message of hope and inspiration for when you feel stuck or in need of deeper insights into problems.

To indulge in some self-help therapy, you can purchase your bottle. The dual oil colours (purified water floating on oil) can be poured into a bath or rubbed on as a body lotion over a period of 3 weeks. The spritzer bottles you spray around your body, or onto your hands, rub and release the layered aromas.  Note: these bottles are energy products and inter-acts with your magnetic force field – so do not be surprised if the colours change or the contents start bubbling to get your attention. You are welcome to contact Moira for a deeper explanation of what the bottle colours are trying to ‘message you’ with it’s antics!

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